Quality Assurance Technician

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Indianapolis, IN

Job status
Full time
$14.00 – Hourly
Job description
Forge Industrial Staffing is currently seeking a Quality Assurance Technician.

Your main responsibilities as the Quality Assurance Technician will involve supporting the daily responsibilities in the warehouse and on the production line, specifically testing, and checking and reviewing the production and material receiving processes.

You will ensure all materials from vendors or processed by the facility meet specifications. This is accomplished by visual comparison to standards, using their senses to evaluate materials and utilizing various testing equipment to ensure all materials are acceptable.

In addition, you'll also serve as inspector of sanitation activities and monitor of other employee practices with regard to sanitary work and verification of acceptability when clearing post repair activities or emergency actions.
Experience requirements
• Previous experience in food science, food development, or related scientific field of study is preferred but not required.
• Must undergo training from quality assurance manager and shift supervisor in how to maintain standards and procedures of working in the facility.
• Clean lab and work area by sweeping, mopping, and removing any debris in the area.
• Load and unload items from the warehouse for the purpose of analysis including collection samples.
• Evaluate materials at the intervals set by policies and procedures of company using both sensory and scientific practices.
• Routinely walk through all processing areas to observe work practices and advise if any non-compliant activities area noted.
• Conduct routine verification’s for the operation of foreign material exclusions devices including, but not limited to, metal detectors, sifters, filters, and magnets.
• Verify the calibration of sensing devices such as scales, balances and thermometers.
• Comply with requests and orders of supervisors in a respective manner.
• Compile regular documentation of observations and testing results and provide them to the appropriate management personnel for review.
• File documents, store samples and maintain process related materials for easy access if required for investigations.
• Support and encourage all SQF Initiatives to maintain the highest food safety and food quality standards.
• Understand the flow of the production line, and standards in operating each station of the production line.
• Comply with standards to maintain safe working conditions in the facility.
• Ability to maintain a professional, respectful attitude when completing work, and adhere to the requests from shift supervisor and operation manager.

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